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Olympia Altitude Training Center
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Travel & Visas

Benefit of Altitude

Eating &Drinking
Do I need a Visa and how do I get there?
Europeans may take a visa upon arrival. Most other nations can apply for a visa at the embassy or consulate office. For an invitation letter please send us a request.
Ethiopian Airlines offers international flights from all over the world and provides an excellent service


What sort of improvement

can I expect from training at altitude?
Training at altitude will be beneficial providing you plan to stay at least 21 days. And plan to return to race altitude either 3 to 4 days before the race or 17 to 19 days before the race. Athletes have improved their personal best by up to 10 minutes after just 21 days at the center



Eating and drinking…
The center provides three meals a day. However if you have particular needs for gels or certain electrolytes it is advisable to bring them with you.
Always drink bottled water. In the Center we provide drinking water for free. Other drinks are fine, but avoid ice in establishments other than 5 star hotels
If you have certain dietary
needs it is important to advise
The center in advance