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Olympia Altitude Training Center
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There are multiple theories about high altitude training. One undeniable fact is that Ethiopians rule the long distance running world, closely followed by the Kenyans.
It is no coincidence that both countries share similar elevation above sea level  (2500m+ ) and offer thousands of km’s of running off roads, along trails and through forests. The science is simple: Your body adapts to the high altitude by producing more red blood cells. When you come back to sea level you have better Oxygen carrying capacity thus enhancing peformance
Wikidpedia has excellent links to a wealth of rich information on the specifics


Training Camp

Olympia altitude training center is a place where you can go to train, without having to deal with the challenges of daily life. The villa is located at 2600m in a peaceful compound on the East side of Addis, close to the best running locations in the world  

Coaches attend every day’s sessions and give each athlete feedback on progress, readjust and customize a training plan to fit a specific individual’s goals – speed trials are integrated into every Athlete’s program

Pacers are an essential part of high performance achievement and are on hand in Ethiopia, or for international races. Advanced joint training plans prepare runners for precise results in future races   Daily training schedules begin with a customized personal program that include running accompanied by international top athletes – run on grass, in the forests and cross country




Olympia altitude training center provides a choice of different kinds of accommodation. Dormitory style for economical prices or individual rooms.



Recreation facilities located nearby provide a place to go for a relaxing drink, game of pool, table tennis and so on   Full board breakfast, lunch and dinner all provided in the dining room. There is a lounge with cable TV for relaxation and internet is available


Luxury packages are available for the international traveler seeking to stay at a four or five star hotel, and gain the benefit of Olympia’s training programs – quotation upon request




  Book your accommodation by E-mail:
Shared room                                 $ 70
Single room (*)                              $ 75
Double room (for two)                     $120
Teams & Clubs (min 3 persons)    special rate
(*) depending on availability
Luxury packages on request

Down payment of 15% is requested after the booking is confirmed.
All payment by cash at the office in Addis.
All prices include:

Breakfast, lunch and dinner
Transport twice a day to training ground Airport pickup and drop off
Internet and phone calls charged as extra